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Sail By The Stars and ABODA QLD Reading Day

I had a great day at the ABODA QLD Band Reading Day on Saturday Feb 11! I flew up to Brisbane to conduct 'Sail By The Stars' amongst a number of new pieces for band from Australia and around the world.

It has been commissioned by Brass Music Specialists for Music Fest Queensland 2023. It features on the 'Set Piece' lists for both the Middle School and High School C grade sections.

For 2023 it will be exclusively available from Brass Music Specialists in Brisbane.

+61 7 3278 1311

The inspiration for this piece is the Southern Cross and how travellers for centuries have used it to find South. (Celestial Navigation seemed an unnecessary mouthful for the title of a grade 2 composition!) 

It's written in the style of an early twentieth British century march. Perhaps a bit like Vaughan Williams or Holst. Recorded by the North West Wind Ensemble. Please check it out!


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