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About Tim

Tim Ferrier

Tim Ferrier (b. 1971) graduated from UNSW (Sydney Australia) in 1994 with a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Education. But rather than teach in the classroom chose the band room and has been conducting band programs in Sydney's north for just over 25 years. Tim has played French horn in bands since high school, but most notably the Australian Wind Orchestra in 1995. He is a foundation member of the North West Wind Ensemble - winner of numerous state and national band titles. While completing his degree at UNSW he studied French horn with Clarrie Mellor (Principal horn Sydney Symphony Orchestra). He has been composing band music on and off for about 20 years but started selling as a self publisher in 2009. Since his first success writing for the Dickson's Music Yamaha Band Festival (Sydney's biggest band festival at the time), he has been commissioned to write a number of works for school bands by some of Sydney's most notable band directors. A number of his pieces have been chosen as test pieces for band festivals as well as three times being invited to be the composer for the North Shore Band Festival (2012, 2016 and 2019). Tim's piece 'Sci - Fi' was featured at the 2016 ANBOC conference in Sydney. Each year his new music is featured at the reading days for Engadine Music (NSW) and ABODA Queensland. A number of his works are currently on lists for the NSW State Band Championships.