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ANBOC 2024 (Australian National Band and Orchestra Conference)

It was great to meet and chat with so many conductors and composers from around Australia at ANBOC 2024 in Melbourne over the past few days. I was very privileged to have 'Sail By The Stars' performed in concert by the Healesville High School Band. It was great to spend a few minutes with the band before the performance and conduct a run-through. They did a fantastic job! Thank you to their director Amanda Morrison! This piece was also used in the conducting workshop played by the incredible Grainger Wind Symphony (Melbourne). 'Spirit Of The Game' was selected for the New Australian Repertoire Session run by Ingrid Martin and performed by the Knox Wind Symphony (Melbourne). A large number of Australian works were performed by other groups in concert and in sessions. The fantastic keynote presenters were Dr Paula Crida (USA) and Dr Travis Cross (USA). Many great local presenters too - Ralph Hultgren, Jemima Bunn, Andrew McWade to name a few. ANBOC 2026 will be in Sydney.

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