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by Tim Ferrier - Grade 2.5

Sail By The Stars

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Sail By The Stars - Grade 2.5

Commissioned by Brass Music Specialists (Brisbane) for 'Music Fest Queensland 2023'. Set piece for both the High School C Grade and Middle School sections.


This Concert March has a touch of the early twentieth century British composers such as Vaughan Williams and Holst. The idea was inspired by travellers of the past who navigated their way using the stars. In the Southern hemisphere the constellation 'Crux', also known as the 'Southern Cross' in combination with 'The Pointers' (Alpha and Beta Centauri) can easily be used to find south. Simply imagine a perpendicular line coming from the centre of the pointers, then a line from the longer part of the cross. Where these lines intersect another line down to the horizon is south.

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